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We have received many requests asking us to reach out to NCBI and attempt to integrate PubPeer comments directly on PubMed. We have contacted PubMed, but unfortunately if they ever accept our proposal at all, it will take a very long time. We have therefore developed browser plugins that show PubPeer comments directly on PubMed while browsing any results on PubMed. The code for this plugin is written to be very light and will only run when browsing certain pages of PubMed. The idea is that you will never notice that the plugin exists unless you are browsing papers in PubMed that have comments and then you will see which papers have comments.  Once installed, it is as if PubMed has accepted our proposal and are displaying PubPeer comments directly.

We hope that this will help in the discovery of post-publication peer reviews and encourage more participation in creating them. However, to get the most out of the plugin you can do three things:

1) Install the plugin.

2) Get everyone you know to install the plugin.

3) If you know of post-publication reviews of an article anywhere on the internet, add a link to it on the corresponding PubPeer page so others looking at PubMed with the plugin will stumble upon these reviews and use them to interpret the corresponding article.

We hope you enjoy the plugin and let us know what you think and how we can improve it.  At the moment it exists for Chrome/Chromium but we will port it to Firefox and Safari in the near future. (If you want to help in making the Firefox/Safari ports please let us know.)

Here’s the Chrome plugin (it also works on Chromium of course):

Screenshot from 2014-04-03 09:41:34

This plugin is based on the articlenhancer plugin that PubPeer users are putting together.  To get involved in that open source project please visit their github.

Some of these same users are also putting together a plugin for Zotero.  The idea is that Zotero users will be alerted to comments on the articles in their Zotero libraries.  That project is also open source and is hosted here.

3 thoughts on “PubPeer comments integrated on PubMed

  1. This plugin doesn’t work for me. I tried it on Chrome on my windows and ubuntu. When I go to pubmed and search for a paper that I know has comments in pubpeer, I don’t see anything, certainly not the yellow ribbon that is shown in the screenshot on googleplay. I checked the Chrome settings, and the extension is installed and enabled. Any ideas? Otherwise, great initiative, thanks!

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