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PubPeer Journal Dashboards are built to give Journals specialized tools to keep track of and address comments on their articles. We provide a centralized dashboard with specialized search features and email alerts for everyone on your team.

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Dashboard Features

Email alerts

Get an email everytime a new comment appears on one of your journal's publications.

Recent comments on your journal

The dashboard holds a list of the most recent comments on your journal's publications.

Invite colleagues to your journal's dashboard

You may invite collaborators to your dashboard who can also choose to be alerted to new comments on your journal.

More search features

Search through all your journal's publications comments for authors, commenters, comments' content, …

Number of commented publications

View the number of commented publications in your journal.

Certified Journal response

Leave official Journal responses on PubPeer.

Organize important comments

Easily track which comments have been resolved vs which are pending action.

Free trial period

Try out Journal Dashboard for free.

PubPeer statistics

Access stats such as the number of page views for each PubPeer thread.