Bloggers, direct PubPeer viewers to your blogs…

To make PubPeer as useful as possible for discovering post-publication peer review where it’s happening, we would like to encourage bloggers to add links to their blog posts on the appropriate PubPeer pages. We have thought a lot about how to make this process more automated for you bloggers, but any use of “trackbacks” would require you to find the appropriate PubPeer URI and paste it into your blog’s trackback plugin. We believe that this would not be any less time consuming than doing the copying and pasting in the opposite direction (the URL of your blogpost into a PubPeer comment) but it would be enormously more time consuming for us to write the trackback code to catch the trackbacks. Therefore, we encourage bloggers to paste links to posts about publsihed articles directly on the appropriate PubPeer pages. If you’re not a blogger but you know of a good blog post about an article, also feel free to post the link. It will probably be helpful to readers to add a sentence or two about why you’re posting the link to encourage readers to visit it.

We hope this will be useful for bringing more readers to the appropriate blog posts and helpful to the community by making it easier to discover post-pub peer reviews of your favorite articles. We are also working actively to make PubPeer comments appear directly on PubMed, the arXiv, and other article discovery and research engines. We don’t want to give away all of the details just yet but we will soon unveil PubPeer comments directly on PubMed which will make it easier for users to see post-pub reviews when surfing PubMed.

Finally, if you feel that we’re wrong, and that a trackback system would be much easier for you, please let us know below in the comments or on our contact page.

3 thoughts on “Bloggers, direct PubPeer viewers to your blogs…

  1. One thing to pay close attention to: if you think there is any chance that your blog will disappear at one point in time (after you’re dead for example), please think about posting the entire post directly on PubPeer. We would like for PubPeer to link to content that isn’t fleeting, but acts as an addition to the scientific record.

    • Hi Jan,
      With the help of Altmetric we now show relevant blog posts from around the web in the right side margins. This is great but we will soon fix our browser plugins which show PubPeer comments directly on PubMed and those plugins will not access the Altmetric material.

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