[UPDATED] PubPeer comments now on journal websites!

[UPDATE 2] We added the extension for Safari (see below).

With the excuse of potential litigation, the journals have been hesitant to show (or even link to) PubPeer comments.

So we’re doing it for them…

As of today the PubPeer browser extensions are now adding links to PubPeer comments directly on the journal websites and PubMed:

NatureScreenshot CellScreenshot PloSBioScreenshot ScienceScreenshot NatureNeuroScreenshot results Screenshot from 2014-04-03 09:41:34

Install the extensions for Firefox  and Chrome and Safari and never miss a PubPeer comment.  (you could install them on every computer in your lab…)

[UPDATE 1] There is a bug in Firefox 29.0 that breaks the plugin.  Updating Firefox resolves the issue.

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